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The Hot Days cover

Dietrich Eichmann Ensemble

The Hot Days

Catalogue #: CD LR 486

Price: £12

Dietrich Eichmann – piano, harpsichord, bombarde
with Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson – hearing aid, electronics, vocals; Chris Heenan – alto saxophone, contrabass clarinet; Michael Griener – drums, percussion; Alexander Frangenheim and Christian Weber – double basses
recorded at Vivaldisaal, Berlin, 6-9 July, 2005
Leo Records 2007

total duration: 63:05

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The Temperature Dropped Again cover

Dietrich Eichmann & Jeff Arnal

The Temperature Dropped Again

Catalogue #: CD LR 390

Price: £12

Dietrich Eichmann – piano, Jeff Arnal – drums, percussion
recorded at Hans-Rosbaud-Studio, Baden-Baden, on December 6, 2002
Leo Records 2004

total duration: 62:33

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Lingua cover



Catalogue #: om012010


Wolfgang Fuchs - sopranino saxophone, bass clarinet, contra-bass clarinet
Thomas Lehn - analogue synthesizer
Fabrizio Spera - drums, percussion, electronics
total duration: 56:25
live recordings from concerts at 'Kulturhaus Mitte', Berlin, and 'Loft', Cologne, in March, 2000

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Entre Deux Guerres cover

Dietrich Eichmann

Entre Deux Guerres: Concerto for solo piano and fourteen instrumentalists

Catalogue #: omH03

Price: £12

Dietrich Eichmann 1996-98.
Christoph Grund - solo piano
Soloists of the SWR Symphony Orchestra Baden-Baden and Freiburg
David R. Coleman - conductor

total duration: 48:20
Historic recording of the world première on October 30, 1999, at ZKM Karlsruhe (Center for Art and Media). Recorded by Südwestrundfunk, Stuttgart, Germany.

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Seventh Piano Piece Cover

Dietrich Eichmann

frühe sammlung einiger nacht portionen - seventh piano piece

Catalogue #: omH01

Price: £12

Dietrich Eichmann - voice, keyboard, piano, sampling and programming
total duration: 75:58
Historic recording of the world première on June 6, 1989, at the university of Essen.

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Game and Earnest cover

Game and Earnest - Concerto for chess players, computer controlled samplers and synthesizers, grand piano, guitars, turntables, saxophones, and sound director.

Catalogue #: omH02

Price: £12

Conception by FIQ 1987. Music composed and performed by Dietrich Eichmann, Christoph Grund, Uwe Kremp, Wolfgang von Stürmer and Reimar Volker. Chess Players: Annemi Egri and Wolfgang Rihm.
total duration: 60:23
Historic recording of the concert at the SDR-Studio Karlsruhe on December 11, 1989

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Violao de dois cover

Mello & Ocougne (BRA)

violão de dois

Catalogue #: om010202

Price: £12

Chico Mello - guitar, vocals, clarinet, euphonium, matchbox
Silvia Ocougne - guitar, vocals, euphonium, cavaquinho
total duration: 70:31
live recording of the oaksmus concert on February 2, 2001

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Top Floor Encounter cover


top floor encounter

Catalogue #: om000818

Price: £12

Lars Scherzberg - alto saxophone, John Hughes - bass, Jeff Arnal - drums, percussion
total duration: 64:42
live recording of the oaksmus concert on August 18, 2000

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