Two Tales by Walter & Sabrina


Two Tales CD coverTWO TALES
The Twilight of Walter and Sabrina

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Produced by Walter Cardew and Stephen Moore

1. Walter and Sabrina Play Classical, Tale One (14:00)
W. Cardew/S. Moore
(Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson and Peter Crawford are men. This is to clear up confusion. On previous releases male singers were mistaken for female sopranos.)
Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson: counter tenor, Celia Lu: soprano voice, Androniki Liokoura: piano, Matthew Dungey: piano, Stephen Moore: recitation, Laura Pooley: soprano, Peter Crawford: male soprano, Walter Cardew: baritone & guitar.

2. Untitled (14:15)
W. Cardew/S. Moore/D. Pritchard/M. Dungey

Dai Pritchard: alto saxophone, Horace Cardew: tenor saxophone, Matthew Dungey: keyboard, Walter Cardew: guitar, bass guitar, harmonium & hand bells, Celia Lu: soprano, Peter Crawford: male soprano

3. Walter and Sabrina Play Pop, Tale Two (26:02)
W. Cardew/S. Moore
Laura Pooley: soprano, Peter Crawford: male soprano, Celia Lu: backing soprano, Walter Cardew: voice, guitar, harmonica, harmonium, Horace Cardew: tenor & baritone saxophones, Chris Edwards: oboe, Kati Lawrence: bassoon, Androniki Liokoura: piano.

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Gotta Get A Shag.
A World Of Walter and Sabrina.

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32 pages

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