by Sabrina

Lyrics by Sabrina


I bring yer dire warning!
For I have led my flock,
Dragged reluctant screaming,
Hoards of self-entitled
To visit
The Binman and his Chums,
Descend into his boudoir.

My teeming fans adore and worship
They will not listen,
Therefore woe is me I tear and rend me hairies, tug 'pon plums till sorely pained and ruptured.

With Special Tool and Special Liquids I have seen and I have heard trumpets
screaming, made physically sick even and truly was degraded
Yet still unbowed, rod firm and turgid, in short is long and standing.
I expose meself before yon adulation, for you felt yourselves abandoned in ignorance and shame but were not discarded; for if pricked were ye not fucked? 'Twas ever so Me-Deary. I scrape accumulated demon-cheese from beneath my foreskin, I wash this my body of stench and show myself as one such as yourselves but only better, for I am happy cleansing shamelessly with both Barrow Boy of Walthamstow as much a Hipster of Hoxton, for I am surely Everyone.

Await then ye, further verses; For I have vowed to leak,
And with advancing age I tend to do that more so.
You will not never walk alone
For I will wrap disrobed arms,
There are no tricks up my sleeve Lovelly as witnessed by Me-Hearties, just this sumptuous self, my Special Camera and my Special Fluids,
I wrap this, meself, around, over
Vulnerable orbs of love
To but protect from emanations Satanic!
To spare burning blushes from fires of The Dragon!
Do any dare doubt my vision!?
Sneer 'pon evidence!? What, am I black or sumink!?
For black is colour'd Darkness, hides truth of lightness
Spotlights, reveals flesh of truth in many hues of rightness
And I have seen that light with my Special Camera!

I drop then underpants, reveal myself of human race
For I was uncircumcised,
Me purple prose shod in decent foreskin.
Armed with staff such as did Noah float on,
A piece of two-be-two,
I wave documents secret,
Waved in anger that warn of coming tragedy,
For I am A Leaker! And woe to those who drink not from my cup.

With righteous flourish I begin arduous leaking
So that The Great Big Bell End might ring in nook-n-cranny
Mighty riff, empower all who hear to rise against ungrateful master under who they labour.

Revealed! The Naked Truth!
From portal of damned Damsels!
Be ye not swallowed by The Demon!
Raw documents, data cooked in sulphur fires of the wicked!
I brings it up as bile to surface and piddles it on you, uncensored,
Look on and be not foolish!
See attempted demonic attack by The Tazz on The Innocent
Note Evil Two Eyes and hand position adopted by That Tazz,
Showing characteristic fingering of a classic multi-dimensional portal adjustment
conjuring offensive, very, attack.

Let then this wicked image,
This unpleasant mistake act as warning to Gents,
If you, when in the toilet maybe, see The Tazz
Manipulating himself into this pose rub your Winky quick, till hard and wobbly,
turbo-charge your Prostate! There's no time like the present!

And as was foretold,
If further proof be needed oh yea of tiddler faith,
Therefore am I proved, again, righteous in prediction
And bring great tidings of comfort and joy,
For in belly of beast,
In that most contaminated of places sits a vessel of cleanliness
Beatific man Mr X.
Sweetness itself is he dew from Bee's bumhole
Is sugar, oh honey-honey, is the Candy Boy!
For I have witnessed,
In raw, witnessed and be damned
As he took fine virgin flesh, as is calf, veal and little baby seal,
He manhandled nubile meat and hammered in his inks,
For he is Tattooist polluting forever purest white,
Adulterating with hideous blacks.
Yet is as nothing the defiling touch of Demon!
The Tazz! Oh see the miscegenationing mark leaves prettiest-slip-of-a-thing with far
more than she bargained!
Oh ye hear, it is as pact, signed menstrual bloods of Toads and Sticklebacks, with a devil in disguise!
And well might, Mr X, look over yon shoulder
For the demonic is always waiting! Forewarned is forearmed!
Oh, The Beast, the filthy beast!
I bring more flagrant display! Warning! Flee! Now! With yer most satisfying appliance,
For he will dishonour it with evil eye, finger with diabolical digits,
corrupt with moistening. In short it will be tainted!

The Tazz and Succubus, masturbatory spawn of devil-sperm, virgin-ovum and probably frog stuff too!
Startlingly fiendish eroticism, or "Filth" as any Natural would term it.
For in deepest, meatiest, sweatiest night I rolled and I tumbled, hollered with Special Devices,
Special Hot and Cold Poultices,
Special Clamps and Special Electrodes
Rummaged and laboured before foul glare of a Troll and Suck-you-bus, his Missis. I rubbered all over, smeared self in Special Bait, waited in torment with my Special Camera and my Bottom Plugs, better safe than sorry, for the inevitable appearance of Foulest, Filthiest beasts of Satanic Bottomworld!

I am, then, wise, for I have seen;
Emerged but recently from Abyss, I undress before you,
The cause of all this mess, The Tazz's wretched tinkerings, his intercourse Abominable.
I shall not shirk responsibility
You will find me armed with Special Camera, and my Special Solutions;
I will not falter, lean on me Darling and hold this for I am leaking I will not be gagged By superstars and their lawyers for I'm Free and waiting... for you... to follow me!
Woe the Pleasure Seeker tempted to sample brute porno-delights of Monsters!
Beware ye of little faith and close your eyes before peering at Transdimensional Image Sluts!
Lo, their fiendish tongue does mutter up licentious!
And woe is he who doubts debauched power of decadent conjuring;
My Special Prisms reveal deeper the underbelly suffering visited, everyday, on Mr X by depraved Tazz.
For I did, and I had, made, and make, a hole
In dimensional-flux, a fingering of the Ether it is said and relished;
So did I delectate the swampy feel, for it was Good tinged with Sleaze. And it came to pass, as it does in time future when it becomes time past, that I had and would not be denied my intent to fashion a Peep Hole and I saw too that this was Good too for I had begat something like a Peephole Bra which were all the rage before the invention of, my favourite, The Quarter Cup for they were very-very Good and I found it so.
Oh ye of too much faith! For ye were told and you did believe!
But what you were told not you did not believe!
Woe unto the believer who celebrates his ignorance
For beneath their skin they are not white as truth but black as tomb when main fuse
blows; and they ravish, feast on your kind and debase them as Sheep!
Look unto them, my Flock, for they have big feet!
So unto them who will not see the difference I expose myself and am called The Flasher.
Do not see? I hold aloft the Pink Staff for I am not circumcised!
My teeth are crocked, am neither defiled nor defiler for I come bearing Truth and nothing but.
I proclaim Emergency!
Get off yon Arse and look upon that which yea will not.
Engorge thyself then and gaze through clear beady eye of my Special Camera.
Tumescent is he who sees what I see when I waggle it before them!
I bring Beauty then...Death!

Yea ye Unseeing Ones feast thine eyes,
And pluck one out in shame of thy ignorance
For I show yer proof, confirmation of my facts for I was born of a Cockenannay and remaineded uncircumcised.
I hold before you not my Pink Stiff Staff but photo, fruit of my Special Camera and
Special Discriminating Liquids.
See here ye of Non-Sight the obscenely-noxious effects of The Tazz!
For I tell ye it is akin the laying down, naked and the nude, next Fuckusuppashima
as dribbles oozes fatty mixtures!
Old age, death, only possible outcomes!
Fear ye not Death? Fear ye not Moist,
Like slime of maggots feasting, embrace of Decay?

"Nay" you say, for yea are blind to before and behind and right the way up yer, for you are insatiable; ye are reapers yet you sow too.
Therefore I say unto you, the Self-Deluded, blame but yourselves.
Whinge yea not for you are but Chicken raised for slaughter.
Yes my Brethren you are content in Conformity for I have seen you gulping, I have seen yea crapping out Odious and hiding it quick flush down the toilet; for you are Ashamed.
Put hands onto, into, I say my Brethren,
Squidge Muck, hold up to sight that Offensive Mess;
Sneak not it unto Prisons of the Sewer or the Slaughter Houses,
Black sites hidden, yet revealed, for your fright; for I say unto you it IS objectionable, it IS vile.

But ye will not look, you will not hear for ye are Godless!
Nay even more do I damn, for you are as gods yonselves;
You fear not devil for you are evolved,
Product of a Whopper Bang Boom!
You are but islands ignored; for ye have eaten of Tree Of Knowledge and are as gods.
Therefore ye are selfish;
Are as Cat with hunger pouncing on the Mouse!
Ignore then comforting of the tin of Whiskers for it is false,
Proclaim your Self-Serving for ye are greedy for life!
A life surely being taken from you,
For you believe Nothing but your Good-Selves
Therefore are you Free. But I warn you,
For I have seen and I have leaked, yea I warn you Hell awaits the Godless!

See ye not? Look then closer,
I will rub, then smear it with my Special Liquid,
Will enlarge it.
Now gaze, and wonder upon fires and fumes
Contemplate yon Fate!
For ye will be sucked, and not by Brigitte Bardot,
Cooked by radiations or blasted into atoms by bunker-busters
For you are weak and ye are soft; ye are vulnerable for ye both did eat of the Tree of
Life and in shame did cover your Naughty Bits.






Like she or we, you and I,
Separate, not parted, but together somewhere it was,
He or it, one couldn't quite... or...
Quite put it right, stick finger on or in or up, déjà vu or something,
Vu past of seen, all felt they'd been,
Before, here, there, then, through, when, over this and that, a haze of words a play,
Or some such prank, trifling with toys.
Feel, they felt in bones, an old war wound, brittle, fitful, decalcified to shatter, maybe drunk and fall,
Asleep, a daze, most likely fell in drunken dream, or heavy drop in temperature
Caused asphyxiating oppression and
Appearance in world of dinner parties and it's guests, the Demonic.
Or bitter, damp, a chill wind soaks bone, opens old offense; whose to say who felt what touch
And what touched who, or, mores the truth, who touched what, as night follows day
and coughs the result of Flu, so it's sure this is not good but is here to stay.
Some thing about the plates, the meal plates, they are hard white chalk; crustacea
and rock ground to dusts, in time, are set over with shiny glaze, a varnish as too
The forged iron dinner service polished silver bright by waxes and fine sands
The knife saws steak and fork and spoon and all of it was dead;
The goblets filled with wines, old re-contemplated through glassy lacquer and reflection,
But dead all dead, from out vats of wood and steel, in refrigerated tanks under new clothes already known properties, the action of live yeasts in sugar solution, attributes of alcohol that poisons them; no new nor unknown to seek, no point, no something.
In airless air then "let us look"
Beneath thick arched brows, sculpted hair is demon horns
Eyes that suck you in
Bleached hands conjure bottle green jar
See, peer. See? Like little insects.
Never ending pornographic spectacle.
Swaying breasts to feed a baby,
The Devil pulling lever.

Ho ho ho, he, he, he
A gurgling, red fingernails around
The lever.
Then down into the filling jar.

Drips drips oily green Holly,
White plunger thick cream maker pumping
Snap, pink ball fire berries
Down into the filling jar.

Quicksilver foam like dribble car crashes;
Fat, humid exhalation through airy snow.
Sulphur dipping, dripping yolky soldiers
Pushes into milky froth.
Bang! Hot dug iron bearings, red blusher'd
Down into the filling jar.

Seared and squealed a scalded pig, stuck rosemary,
A mass of hiss elvers.
Strings of thread like elvers:
Wriggling mascara seams, ductile straps,
Greasy lace suspension
Both do act and suffer
Down into the filling jar.

Let us look then you and I, we three remain, we lean together o'er tank of fishes
darting, pond weed, pumps aerating, coils heating, lovely air-conditioning
Sphere, full ball-bag, of comfy brights and busy-busy twitching, a self-contained glass box
All, all in proportion. How nice, pleasant, a happy evening entertainment.
Then, suspicious, looking out where giant hands, like sun, rain down food, sprinkled, without fail so it's said, all incomprehensible, huge, and they, the leaning over, don't peer but look straight, down onto; the boldness of their sight, and now they unlock, separate, two are three, and the clear way the viewing penetrates the surface is disturbing, just disturbing not yet, quite, frightening. "We see" they say in chorus one, two, three, doe, ray, me, far, so... "her mind blown, legs opened, ripped up, start again apart the scissors parted and then! Forced back, back as far as legs will carry, as stainless blades will go, bump! or crack or snap! opposite handle!
She's torn, reassembled, stitched up, together, tight by stockings and lace, with heels and hose, with frills non-functional, supporting accessories; tassels glued and belted constricting and enhancing bits of lady flesh once lacking now will be a jiggling. Where once she starved and shrunk them, those, umm, differences, those little bits that matter, to single point of manliness now she'll pamper feed and thrust them. Where once was one, or so she thought, reflection's made her many and with snip, snip, snip here, and here and, tuck, tuck, there we've made a whole again. Da, darr! She should be grateful! Filthy bitch" "Bleeding bitch" "Blood red leaking bitch's scraping, scratching at night soil", "at earth", "her globe, her bubble", "her cage" "Oh ho, ho, ho" and "He, he, he"and a lean apart, they do, like deck of cards, hand of three card brag, a folding fan of bashful lass opens, shuts, flutters before the face of a slut with fingernails drawn around the lever.


Pump, pump, pumping, Ironies, limb interlocking limb, thigh connected to hip bone
Look, look on, the hip connected to, well does it matter? No, look round down the other side of bone
Back through circular swirl
To Scene at night, clear night, crystal clear night beneath stars and moon, frosty sucked of moist.
A shore, ancient sand of ground quartz and silts, waves, mystery girl, envious,
washed up, brine bathed, dries to powder salts her sparkly hair.
Grandiose fantasy of self-importance
Completely lacking empathy but a beauty. Oh my what a one!

Ohhh, holler, holler, stir the tub
Sieve juices of our making
Hallow, hallow, whisk the pot,
The three of us, a silent scream out filling jar
That flitter-floats, flounces butterfly,
Pretty, pretty speckled red, specked with sulphur yellow
We blast it on its way.

Moon drenched corset; sea tangled hair.
Cleft dark night, clamp to sparkle gusset,
Breasts relieved. Punctured tube.

Stretch oil, wobble rubber squirty
Erode corrode, erotic tarry coating;
Lips that rouge like sandpaper.

Pumped out; splash about, waddle in slow motion.
Penguin sideys stuck like glue.
Creamy river fountain.

Beneath thick elastic coating
Unbuttoned gems of loosened dress;

Jewelled studded casket.

All washed up on a soiled pool,

Splash speckle globule fishes.

Beads of dribble sweaty effort.
Heady, thrown backy; visible protruding necky.
Giggled drips of spit, splat, floppy dappled water.

All licked up with a fleshy relish tungall.

Oh yes, he, he, see her
Spread out.

Like piece of dead.

A worn out negligee;

Spiked upon a skewer.

Thighs like Goldfish out of bowl, Thrash, sparkle ripple, waves.

All the frills that women wear:

Lacy knickered bra.

The dangling ring.

And dainted lips.

Are to suspend belief.
That the knick-knack'd edges,
The see through mesh, of strappy,
Pretty up the function.

All the frillies; smeared or smudged,
The pushed up, pulled aside,
Of delicate hand wash only.
Hide brutal female fact;
That like foam, a feeling of disgust,
There is no rest. We must go on;

Hope, hoping, hopping ever greener, gazing fondly, lusted after, coaxed her open.
And opened wide, wide enough to swallow.
Dived to self reflecting pool, she did, the jump, the silly little bitch
Quite suicidal, so self regarding, so many expectations, so few achievements
So insignificantly small, she hardly required prodding let alone a pushing, a little pinch, perhaps
He, I conjured bottom, he did, and I
Her perfect breasts,
With little fingered tips. That's true; I touched 'em.
Oo, that's nice, that's very easy, playing the silly little;
Dan-d-lang-dang, a game of bits-n-bobs, a song with all the trimmings.

Flayed, the pelt made toy a silly little dolly,
We have, you did what can we say
'Twere pinned out on a board, the Dolly Bird a Trojan Horse
A rabbit's fur, chopped off foot, the lucky one, the cat's tenth life;
A whore's coat tacked with five, or six, who can be sure, flat head nails,
Bang, bang, bang three rusted from the wet,
It dried were soaked and tanned an' stuffed, a stitching here and there,
Nip, a tuck a piercing of flesh and now to send the dream:

She can hear a voice;
She has a conversation in her head;

Saying it's for the best, of course.

She sighed, you saw.

She sees so many things she can't afford to buy.
She said:

You mustn't. No, no, you really mustn't.
But he does insist.
I take comfort in his persuading.

What a shame, Her skin so thin,
Sucked as bone, sunken as guttersnipe, almost albino, a stick of macaroni;
She should eat a sandwich, wear some make-up.
Her self loathing draws, attracts; her thin blonde hair and bra-less breasts tugs at Nemesis
Which is exactly, yes, oh deary me, hear a crack of thunder
Its rolling deep, like falling rock pushed by Tantalus
Follows, oh dear me yes, after seen deep salmon flash; the crack of doom.
You're afraid? You saw? Of course you did the gash of light foretelling fall,
That's exactly what we want;
She lets it all hang out
Demonic imps we sings obscene and give a little twirl:
"I Grabbed"

"I groped"
Squeezed provoked
Erode, corrode erotic tarry coating
No thought mortification,
Bullied bucked then rammed,
Flung 'er back an' moaned
She'd sex you up; bent back of chair
The naughty little slut.
Flipped up, turned around, a coin splits through air.
First it's this an' then it's that; as if it has a care,
Lands heads or tails, who gives a toss, a sexual mess;
The floppy thing kept in a box
Jabs a stick, then stick's a mauve spurting tubs of white 'tween spindle cripple legs:
Braced itself, a monstrous thing,
Huge headed, purple snouted, dogged with willy tongue.
A saggy shapeless blob. Smeared 'er up. Pumped pummel then return,
Repetition pounds, pump pummel then return, now it's pink a squashed tomato,
Like stamped on snail, oozed snotty matter,
Meandering trail, gelatinous popped eyes pleading,
A torture scene but to hell of own design; a simmering pot a tub of stock
That cools to aspic, body bits in suspension a mouth fixed, yawns dumb shriek
Oh, ho, ho, sated, sort of mated, lies sun faded, newsprint, tight over elongated pigeon carcass.
Wiped up smeary smudge, rubber out with claws
Our over knuckled, knobbled friggers diddling,
Ohh naughty clicking, snickering, the bickering bones,
The belching cartilage of our joints.

Oh yes rage. Oh the Hate.
The humiliation. The horror as we move.
Squeeze her neck. Bite her flesh.
She doesn't want to be dull.
But she is.

"Cover up. Put back
Invaded, quickly parted.
Until, washed with hormones, they commit again.
Programmed in cycles, phases, whatever." She said.


'Ere, wots your game, now nun ov that
Oh my gawd the eye slit;
Kohl enrich'd, stickle insect over large. The legs, the lashes.
Push ribbed flesh; a sordid pig,
Desire with skeleton of oil.

The act, now then; stretched out punctured tube, stark pubic patch,
Beneath the cunt of belly.

That's expanding lie, now broken johnnie,
Hides yer from another.

Lick yer lips, yer rouged lips, wenched hips of bubbling pleasure.
Girls that go so sticky brittle, petulant on totter stride

Lures quiver; sugar wantons on a line, require admiration.

Their fantasies of special brilliance, stones of inexplicable prerogative
Ideal love 'an rare beauty, wriggling all under, you can see the ribs fan out,
The trembling insignificance, the bones about of paranoia. Like fumble,
Boys fingers digging beneath the creamy lean;

Stick it in, a tipsy plug; a maggot left then right, of easy exploitation, right then left, tick, tock, tock, tick,
By rivers breezes. This baited world a trap.
Betrayal, over yeasty dough bun'd oven, out it'll pop with cast iron cock.
Allocate, contribute, these, our feelings,
What you mean diseases, congenitally cheeky, naughty, with another makes us fair;
Yes fair, share and share alike we say and mean it.

A custard skin, cauled pregnant lump,
Taut volcanic from fierce heat.

Tear or cut, slob'd, tumble out, burst spastic spiders nest squealing:

Skeleton from a cupboard.
Whip it out. Wipe it clean, foaming mild detergent. Upon a stainless tray
Disinfect the bleeding lot; howling bloody mess down the sodding toilet.

Do you remember clocks that clicked, they tickled, each tock-tick
A secret hid.

Or fact revealed, like a chesty lass beneath a flap, roll up boys become a man.

Now tuppence buys you silent time, screaming, not broken and still moving.