Jung Ahh Fleisch


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Jung Ahh Fleisch artworkIntroduction.

1. Blurb.
We have said "For that truly satisfying, feeling-superior-feeling, sit back and listen, bite the hand that feeds, and wallow in self righteousness with Walter and Sabrina's latest effort. Having, years previously, given you that 'difficult second album' in Sadness and Life we, now, release an 'anti-war album'.... We Sing For The Future".

Well then, now, like fools? innocents? incompetents? amateurs? we return to the unresolved, the inept, musical world of Sadness and Life with this Jung Ahh Fleisch.

This release appears, maybe, a pause from We Sing For The Future, not continuation, not strand like ladies hair poked back to plait, of the "Darkness Trilogy"? That it is a lull, a drawing back, a tainted easing before the next that continues, that breaks over heads, that sounds the consequences of We Sing For The Future? Whatever... that future album is written, it is recorded, it is our next release, it is called Demons!

But back, now, beware, suspect something from the wispy, wayward, reluctant, hair not plucked but tucked. Look then the evidence that tumbles out the tumbling cart set in motion with Chioma Sings Tales Of Danny Dark. See new birth, re-arrival, of that Thing left dead or dreaming in Rock-n-Roll Darkness. Consider we do not attempt to resolve, to rescue Sadness and Life, its unsatisfying sound world. Nor discover it's immovable emptiness, to realize that the meaning of "difficult", there, is "failure".

Still, it may be that this Jung Ahh Fleisch is an album that ties We Sing For The Future to the forthcoming Demons! album, to form a "Demons Trilogy". And more, that it is this album that ties a "Demons Trilogy" to the "Darkness Trilogy" and that by Chance's design we have found ourselves circled back to a beginning that was or is Sadness and Life.

2. Dear Keith, dear Nicola.
We are isolated. Don't want to be. Maybe it's necessary; our work's about being alone. Maybe it's self-fulfilling?
We are lonely, don't want to be; we need to give people clues, ways into our art. And through that art find others to work with, discuss with, be less lonely with, less bored with. You thought "shag with". What kind of men do you think we are?

Our Art is an attempt to understand, work ideas, explanations; discover a reason, pray a purpose. Maybe we're just communicating with ourselves? Having a wank. Would that be a valid criticism of our work? Probably, yet still the hope that over the life of all the different, interconnected bits of creativity, the Art, a sort of answer will emerge. Will ejaculate? I'm scared of dying. Don't want that moment come and still be shitting myself.

Well, so, we also said "When man has no God, no reason to Be, man is nothing more than Commodity to be exploited. Making that plain, sex sells it in a sexy way. If that's disturbing, uncomfortable, good, because we're disturbed and uncomfortable with understanding that life is Chance with no purpose other than to get through with as little pain as possible, then it's over. Uncomfortable that much that is cultural is an attempt to hide that brutal fact. Perhaps the more complex and puzzling the art the better it is at salving that pain?

Jung Ahh Fleisch artworkWe show people vulnerable, frightened, exploited because that's what people are. Or that's how we see people, including ourselves. The sexual acts epitomise that as desperate and obvious, at the same time as trying to hide and deny those aspects. Is it titillating, exploring the vulnerable, frightened, exploited? Not sure. We try to make it uncomfortable, but maybe that's our kick? Making the ugly, beautiful. Or peeping at the ugly-beautiful?"

We are then screaming. Not lecture or chat at bar, we are yelling, flinging our arms around, going beetroot red in face saying "it doesn't have to be like this". Music, Culture should not be all easy. That is not satisfying and it is dangerous. Bad things happen when people do not challenge or question.

3. They said.
"I hope offenders take note. Look at the ways in which together we are infiltrating your worlds, understanding your minds in order to limit deviant behaviour and I hope you think again."

Produced by Stephen Moore & Walter Cardew

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1. Descending To Earth With Mercury 09:24
2. Cradle To Grave 04:21
3. Big Tits - Young Age 12:29
4. Maxy Boy 08:45
5. Thought She Was Special Again 04:22
6. Kat's Fitting In 17:27
7. HP 04:29
8. Is That Nice? 06:21
Total duration: 67:47

Peter Crawford - counter tenor
Samuel Penkett - counter tenor
Celia Lu - soprano voice
Ayanna Witter-Johnson - cello & alto voice
Stephen Moore - voice
Gunnar Brandt - voice
Anna Thomas - flute & alto flute
Philip Knight - oboe & cor anglais
Horace Cardew - saxophones
Tomasz Gniatkowski - bassoon
Matthew Dungey - piano
Walter Cardew - guitar, percussion, brass
Mizuka Yamamoto - violin & viola
David Cousins - double bass

Dietrich Eichmann Ensemble on "HP" (tr. 7) & "Is That Nice?" (tr. 8):
Dietrich Eichmann - piano & harpsichord
Gunnar Brandt - voice & electronics
Michael Griener - percussion
Alexander Frangenheim - double bass
Christian Weber - double bass