Chioma sings tales of Danny Dark

Danny Dark Group (Horace & Walter Cardew; Stephen Moore)

Chioma Sings Tales of Danny Dark (2003)

Listen to Naughty Juvenile (mp3 6'24")

Item #: DD 1114; original cat. #:HCACD2

Price: £12

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Produced by W. Cardew and S. Moore

Horace Cardew, Walter Cardew & Stephen Moore

Laura Pooley: soprano voice
Dai Pritchard: flutes, saxophones, clarinets and trumpet
Horace Cardew: tenor saxophone and clarinets
Mick Foster: baritone saxophone and clarinets
Walter Cardew: guitar and percussion
Matthew Dungey: keyboards and voice

Also: Tom Chant & Roger Maxwell (electronics), Dawn Williamson (voice)

and Ben Deboo, Kirsty Austin, Nicola Feelen, Mark Izicki, Katherine Jenkins, Safraz Abrahams, Sanah Burney, Emma Routledge, Tolloo Nawaka, Shioban Thomas, Susan Dunwich, Jack West (voices).

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Track list:
1 (Bits of Rubbish) Innocence Hymn (0:35)
2 Kill the Brutes (6:28)
3 Kats Jenkins - Cycling Girl (2:05)
4 Shutupscream (2:23)
Alley 5:27
6 Round and round; up and down (0:29)
Danny Dark (9:33)
8 In and out (0:25)
Thought she was special (8:52)
Squirmy (2:50)
11 Composter (0:54)
12 Let's go to it again (6:50)
Meester Meeking (6:09)
14 Return (0:46)
Naughty Juvenile & mp3 (6:21)
16 Repeat (0:31)
17 Op. 18 Descender (2:18)

Total duration 63:24