Danny Dark lyrics

Chioma Sings Tales of Danny Dark


5. Alley

In some kind of alley some kind of field
Bent over railings bent beneath railway arch is that how you were made?
Full bad heart grim lives mean lives mugging and dope
Dragging on cigarette peers out from gloom of scumsville
Watching across the way
Fucked plebeianly fucked
God given freedom to make the wrong choice
When government and schools make automatons your rage your final choice is no
Either loser or delinquent, never know what its all about
Better yourself and all that entails
Hatred wayward in moral danger
A question of sex and power
A sexuality feared and controlled

7. Danny Dark

Danny dark what did you last night
Doors were shut did you through a window cut your hands
Evidenced in spider scatches

Do you dream of oedipus
When thirteen fourteen fifteen stare unfocused into space
Greet authority that wakes you with sod off

At twelve of clock danny dark
Spark up tap ash knock red glow puff
Reveal your route intestine world through burnt out building
A truth salvaged copper orange and lead not wanted to be heard
Nasal drawl nihilistic mumble, drawn into how things appear to
Danny dark did you fight last night
Were you hit with sticks
As hands were ground scorched by gravel grains

9. Thought She Was Special

Thought she was special
Destructive wilful reckless foolish mischievous no doubt
A godessed line of women
But barely learnt behind shadowed eyes
Not that special

He said
Dont you know what happened? dont understand
She didn't couldn't all done

If fucked her
Though hadnt not even tried force
Though she ran dont touch me dont touch me

Something changed
Out the box
For attention, consciously or not she'd thrown jar so high
Thought would catch as fall
Stood close, closed late.
Why tremble like that.
If closed at all
Others fear, uncertain stepped back
Let break.

Down down, unseen unknown forces faces dogheaded, ferrymen, judges
Hidden unmoved slid into position
On steel groov'd escalator let go/switched off/got drunk let him lead
So no pulsed belly wasted, flicker'd hair, move fingertip blink of eye.
The essence, its ballet absorbs the mess, the arbitrary fate.
He excites things, creates, she ach'd sweated, charm'd, manoeuvr'd through
Like child to dang'rous tune, song of syphilis, demons, leprosy
Wicked forward, pull hair, reptile snaps, scatch claws, dam'd torments
Suddenly some kind of sense? turned, then away
Gothic dark rings now chalked her eyes, as carried on around her,
Left behind, staring out

10. Squirmy

This is the fear;
Forever smothering lives,
No more than flesh
Un re face of greater power
Used encases one
Already in water up to neck, then stepping off a ledge.
That broken bottle bound, blindfolded
Collapse in horror.
Helpless but there is no reasoning
No simple blubbering
To snuffed, moist pinched,
Used, invaded, fingered
A spider teased burned
With magnifying glass.
breathes/ sucks into life,
In the mass of fate?

13. Meester Meeking

It's all very well
Saying you have the right to go around
Dressed like that
But what do you think's
Going on in a man's head?

You can swing your hips
Hand gesture your cunt and tits
Dance, bend your grinding up and grinding down
But don't be surprised if
They take you on the offer.

With tongue stuck out of your neck
Of your mouth all thick and slimy plump,
Eyes black lined cross hatched
Spiky, all shadowed green and blue
Because some boys grabbed you.

Flung you to the floor
Smacked you
He's bigger, stronger too.
Not to mention his mates;
Holding your legs alert
Not that they have to lift your skirt
It's already so short
Just pull the knickers from out your crack
Which you'd confidently flashed and joked you'd lacked.
And now its time for bed
With your head hung down quiet cute and touseled hair
All gel like smeared
Your lips all purple red enlarged seductive really quite blue

Eye slit;
Kohl enrich'd, stickle insect over large.
Push ribbed flesh; a scalded pig,
Desire with a skeleton of oil.

Act. Stretched out punctured tube, stark pubic patch,
Beneath the cunt of belly.
Expanding lie, now broken Johnny,
Hides yer from another.

Lick yer lips, yer rouged lips, wenched hips of bubbly pleasure.
Girls that go so sticky brittle, on petulant totter stride
Like lures; sugar wantons on a line,
Wriggling all under, you can see the ribs fan out,
And bones about. Like fumble,
Boys fingers beneath the creamy lean;
A tipsy plug; a maggot left then right
By rivers breezes. This baited world a trap.
Betrayal, over yeasty dough bun'd oven.

Custard skin, cauled pregnant lump,
Taut volcanic from fierce heat.
Tear or cut, slob'd, tumble out, burst spastic spiders nest:
Skeleton from a cupboard.
Whip it out. Wipe it clean, foaming mild detergent. Upon a stainless tray.

Do you remember clocks that ticked, they tickled, each tock
A secret hid

15. Naughty juvenile

Oh naughty juvenile delinquents
Won't give you the same freedom to choose
He said suck it like its a lollypop I'll teach you things you never knew and this time do it slower
Oh naughty juvenile delinquents
Won't give you the same freedom to choose
Out the long grass licking lips using hair like pump handle quick turn round
All over in half a minute then you can stay or go
Oh naughty juvenile delinquents
Won't give you information so what are you supposed to do?