Walter & Sabrina Play Pop etc

Walter & Sabrina

Walter & Sabrina Play Pop; Walter & Sabrina Play Classical (1994)

Listen to A Ruby Rose, I Beg You (mp3 3'35")

Item #: DD 1113; original cat. #:WSCD01

Price: £12

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Produced by W. Cardew & S. Moore

Track 1: Walter Cardew, Stephen Moore, David Harkin, Roger Maxwell, Stuart Noble
Tracks 2-7: Walter Cardew, Stephen Moore, David Harkin
Tracks 8-12: Walter Cardew, Stephen Moore

David Harkin (voice)
Walter Cardew (guitars/percussion etc.)
Stephen Moore (voice)
Justine Abri (voice)
James Hamilton (voice)
Stuart Noble (percussion)
Dawn Williamson (voice)
Roger Maxwell (electronic manipulation/programming)
Adam Furness (trumpet)
Singers from AB Fine Art Foundry.

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Track list:
1. My Heart’s In My Mouth

2. A Ruby Rose, I Beg You
3. The Ruinous Kiss
4. My Bleeding Heart
5. Lips Like Strawberries
6. Our Morning Robin, Cheap And Cheerful
7. Your Welcome Smile
8. Untitled
9. No. 8
10. No. 7
11. No. 2 (in three parts)
12. No. 3