Rock n Roll Darkness

From 19th March on Danny Dark Records:
Rock 'n' Roll Darkness
by Walter & Sabrina

Some bodies are predatory, looking, lay waiting. Nothing new, timeless, human. Yes hunter gatherers, but consider farming. Some milked, some the milking. Or there are beings, age, class or species of no distinction, who are exploited. Both have mythical glamour, a comforting glamour, the swagger of dangerous rebel the pout of rescued princess. If they're to entertain, provide service, they require a manager.

"Rock 'n' Roll Darkness"; enhanced CD with 25 minutes of music and a 15 minute Quicktime movie.

Composed and produced by Walter Cardew and Stephen Moore

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Mad Hayley (10:01)

Stephen Moore (spoken voice)
Walter Cardew (voice/percussion/guitars/keyboards/harmonica/horn/trumpet/trombone)
Horace Cardew (clarinets and saxophones)

Geek (2:11)

Stephen Moore (spoken voice)
Walter Cardew (voice/percussion)
Celia Lu (soprano voice)

Rock 'n' Roll Darkness (15:16)

Stephen Moore (spoken voice)
Walter Cardew (trumpet/trombone/horn/guitars/percussion/voice/violin/harmonica)
Nima Gousheh (voice)
Julia White (oboe)
Rosie Reed (flute/piccolo)
Naomi Bristow (clarinet)
Orpheus Papafilippou (violin)
Horace Cardew (saxophones/Bb & bass clarinets)