Danny Dark Records is very proud to announce that Walter & Sabrina have been chosen to appear on "disco_r.dance vol. 1".


PRESS RELEASE from Pete Stormcrow + Dancon1:

"RELEASE DATE: November 2006

November 2006 will see the debut release from disco_r.dance, a new label set up by Pete Stormcrow + Dancon1.

Pete Stormcrow + Dancon1 have been responsible for promoting free electronica events, Rehabilitation, Moonpalace and disco_r.dance, for over 6 years and over that time have worked with countless artists to present many memorable nights...

32 tracks spread over two discs, this compilation will feature over 2 hours of all-new and exclusive tracks and mixes...

We are very proud of all the tracks presented on this release, but highlights might include:

a brand new track from Tunng, plus Expanding Records' Stendec's remix of their recent single Jenny Again....new material from irritants Carthage

an exclusive track from The Doubtful Guest, who has her debut 12" release on Planet Mu ready to drop on the same day as this compilation.....

the first UK airing of the hip-hop bricolage of Japan's Satanicpornocultshop....

the first results of Ardisson's new techno project Two Slender Cats....

Artwork incorporates five interchangable sleeves with specially commissioned designs from: Ugh (Satanicpornocultshop), Raoul Sinier (Ra), Wet Paint Projects, Mole Design and Stephen Moore (Walter & Sabrina)

Pete Stormcrow + Dancon1 curate this cd compilation with scant regard to the artistic restraints of genre-specifics, preferring instead to highlight a wide-ranging and stylistically varied selection of music/artists that they love...



01. tunng little king [feat. summit]

02. carthage i never knew

03. ecd kakke no tonkachi [satanicpornocultshop remix]

04. random number wake up with slide

05. ra petit gilet [remix]

06. agaskodo teliverek blood club [version]

07. stormcrow mousseroom

08. bedouin ascent hearts and lands

09. two slender cats (aka ardisson) when are you bringing more food?

10. bell eat the evidence [disco_r.dance mix]

11. mothboy bluebirds [feat. moxey]

12. 3D!T blasphlegmy

13. walter & sabrina tiny small

14. rothko breaking the fall

15. addie brik i we [eu remix]

16, az-rotator neviko

17. guy j. jackson the man who was kind of an ark

18. xylitol ye-ye electronique


01. isnaj dui dulc improv

02. blaubac weutze

03. point b the contortionist

04. dDamage [feat. tes] sign my name [part 2]

05. microtanks trond

06. damien shingleton + inga-lill aker as is

07. dj spazmo vs. gusset 99 high hos don't make it right

08. the doubtful guest widouted

09. gagarin onomo

10. satanicpornocultshop see mee m paz

11. kwerk kiss my rave

12. u-born e-skater

13. bovaflux nunnying

14. tunng jenny again [stendec's non-contemporary vocal acoustic remix]"