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Press release from Michal Libera, organiser of Cornelius Cardew Week in Warsaw (click on the links for stills from the events):

Cornelius Cardew Week in Warsaw is dedicated to the music, texts and life of Cornelius Cardew, a composer who remains almost uknown in Poland despite the fact that the Warsaw Autumn Festival is recognized as one of the most important contemporary music festivals in Middle-East Europe.

This is not a regular festival but an attempt to understand how to approach his music. His interest in avant garde, improvisation, the social and political dimensions of music, is a chance to see music not only as the production of sounds but also as a practice and method of music making and reflecting one's position in a society.

Almost 30 people will be involved in rehearsals and performances of his music (incl. Great Learning, Treatise, Autumn 60, Octet 61, Material, Solo with Accompaniment, pieces for solo piano, songs). Musicians with different background (contemporary music, improvisation, electronic music, experimental rock) will be part of the project. Walter Cardew, Androniki Liokoura, Anton Lukoszevieze, Celia Lu and Nima Gousheh are coming to Poland to meet Piotr Nowicki, Dagna Sadkowska, Michal Górczynski, Karol Koszniec, Piotr Bukowski, Piotr Kurek from Poland and perform the pieces by Cardew. Michal Mendyk will deliver a lecture on Cornelius Cardew; we will have a movie screening; Piotr Kurek will improvise on samples of archive material.

Cornelius Cardew Week in Warsaw is a phase of a larger project called Curves of the Needle. Music Almost Impossible to Play (first phase: tape music from Polish Radio Experimental Studio performed live.)


21.XI: Solo piano [Chlodna 25, 20.00]
Piotr Nowicki [piano]
Androniki Liokoura [piano]
Piotr Kurek [laptop]

22.XI: Movies, lectures, books promotion; songs performances [Chlodna 25, 19.00]

Walter Cardew [speech]
Piotr Bukowski [guitar]
Nima Gousheh [voice, guitar]
Celia Lu [voice]
Karol Koszniec [drums]

23.XI: Chamber pieces, graphic scores I [Centre for Contemporary Art, 20.00]
24.XI: Chamber pieces, graphic scores II [Cinema Paradiso, 20.00]
Piotr Bukowski [guitar]
Nima Gousheh [all]
Michal Górczynski [clarinet]
Karol Koszniec [drums]
Celia Lu [voice]
Anton Lukoszevieze [cello]
Piotr Kurek [laptop]
Dagna Sadkowska [violin]

25.XI: Great Learning performance [Centre for Contemporary Art, 12.00]

17-19.XI; 24.XI: Great Learning rehearsals conducted by Nima Gousheh

Organization: Michal Libera & Nima Gousheh; more: